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Birth Story

Hey pregnant mama! 


Congratulations!! It’s hard work growing a tiny human. You are Super Woman!


You endure all of the changes happening to your body so that your baby can grow and thrive. You are probably dreaming of the moment when you get to meet your sweet baby.


How amazing would it be if you could freeze time and capture all of the details the day that your baby joins your family? What if you could see how strong and powerful you are as you bring your little one into the world? What it you could capture moment that you become a mother? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see your partner supporting you and helping you get through your labor? How incredible would it be to see the way that your partner watches you in adoration and wonder at your ability to bring your baby into the world?


How would you feel if you could capture all of those firsts that happen immediately after your baby is born? Her first breath? The first time that you lay eyes on her? The moment that your partner sees her? The first time that you hold her? The first time that you kiss her? The moment that each family member meets on her?


Trust me to capture all of those special moments and many more. Every Birth Story is unique. My job is to tell that once in a lifetime story, while you focus on everything it takes to bring your baby into the world. 


I am a Pediatric and Postpartum Nurse with 14 years of experience, as well as a mother of four. I am also an experienced family photographer, specializing in maternity and newborn clients. I would love to help support you and document your birth story. To give each Birth Story the attention it deserves, I only book two per month.


I will be on-call for your delivery starting at 38 weeks. You can call me anytime, day or night. I will arrive when you are in active labor to document your story including the birth of your baby and stay for up to two hours of bonding postpartum. 


I can’t wait to meet you and your partner! I look forward to getting to know you and finding out which special moments you want to keep forever.

Schedule your Birth Story consultation today!

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