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My Story

Rachel Dodd Family My Story

Photography brings me joy!


It's what I live for! For me it freezes time, capturing that moment and the memories surrounding it. Not only is it my artistic outlet, it is the way I preserve life’s precious moments. 


​My love for photography started long ago, but when I had my first child, my need to capture the moments grew exponentially. Not long after she was born, I got a job working in the lab at Wolf Camera. I learned how to develop film, print photos, color correct images and manually create black and white/sepia tones. I really wanted to buy all of the equipment and set up a portrait studio with my brother (who was also interested in photography). He decided to go to Police Academy instead. I was worried about pursuing a career as a photographer alone, as I was a single mother of two young children. So I went to Nursing school, with my grandfather’s help. He watched the kids while I went to school and clinical rotations. I continued to photograph my kids, never letting go of my love of being behind the camera.​

I have four kids. My one and only girl is 21 and my three boys are 18, 8 & 5. I love seeing the world through their eyes. They see everything with such excitement and wonder. One of my greatest joys is to document all of their silly, funny, wild, loving, adventurous moments through my camera lens. When I look back at the images, all of the memories of that moment come flooding back.

When I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, I became a Pediatric Nurse. My first job was at Northside Hospital in the Women's Center. I cared for moms who had just given birth as well as their newborns in the Family Centered Care​ department. After that, I spent several years working in Pediatric doctor's offices caring for newborns and children of all ages for sick, well and urgent visits. From there, I continued on to work at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta as a Pediatric Kidney Transplant Research Nurse for several years. After that, I spent a few years working as a Bone Marrow Transplant Research Nurse, Transplant Coordinator and finally a Senior Transplant Care Manager. I love being a Nurse, caring for, providing resources to and educating my patients and their families. I really enjoy meeting people and helping them. ​

I absolutely love working with babies, children of all ages and their parents, of course! I love meeting new families and watching them grow. I am honored to be part of that. I have pursued my passion to capture precious moments through

my camera lens. I started with basic point-and-shoot cameras. Over time, I have invested in better cameras, lenses and equipment. I have practiced and studied photography for 25 years. Additionally, I have learned how to enhance images in Lightroom and Photoshop. I finally have the ability to follow my dream and help preserve your memories.



Each person has a story to tell. 

I would love to meet you and help tell your story.

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